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Efficient energy saving lighting for barn sheds

Agrilight® sets itself apart with its expertise in the field of lighting technology and in the specific application of light for various types of livestock. We are regularly asked what is the most suitable light regime for healthy, productive livestock. It is important that you should know that when we give advice concerning a light regime, we always base the advice on the following factors: scientific basis, durability, animal welfare and practical experience.

Light intensity, daylight hours and the colour of the light all influence animal behaviour. The right balance of these three factors has a positive influence on the livestock. Correct, uniform lighting contributes, among other things, to better health and productivity.

Chickens experience light and colour in a different way to people. People recognise three colours: red, green and blue. In chickens, the eye is one of their most developed senses and this enables them to 'experience' more colours. Chickens have an extra peak in ultraviolet light, which enables them to recognise each other better. This is important for the pecking order because if chickens can't recognise each other they will start pecking their companions and this will disrupt the pecking order.

The following aspects are important for the lighting in poultry houses: optimum distribution, good dimming system, minimum shadows and the use of high frequency lighting. The lights also have to be suitable for use in the poultry house climate.

Different light regimes can be used for poultry. We will be pleased to provide you with more information on this subject.



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NAME: Agrilight barn lighting
AL2007 Fixture
ALPL70D Fixture
TYPE: Shed lighting
USES: Broilers, breeders, layers
  Agrilight Product
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AGRILED Blue Fixture Brochure
AL2007 Fixture Brochure
ALPL70D Fixture Brochure


1. Maximum light spread of 24 metres wide, depending on possible mounting heigh

2. Low installation & maintenance costs, because of the mounting of just 1 row

3. Integrated Blue LED’s for catching - no need to install separate blue light fixtures

4. Broilers will distribute through the poultry house because the light is equally spread = the risk of diseases will be reduced

5. Less mortality = more production


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