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Poultry equipment and spare parts for broilers, breeders, barn, hatchery, free-range and organic poultry farms


Counting & Boxing

The Automatic One Day Old Poultry Counter is designed to count & box poultry into compartment boxes. All machines are built to incorporate hygiene features for easy wash down and maintenance with lift off protective sides & covers. Simple and easy to use, the machines are built in stainless steel 304 and have an accuracy of 2-3 chicks per 1,000 over a 10 box count.

Dynamic Storage

Designed for larger hatchery requirements and can store large quantities of boxes or baskets in a designated, centralized zone with automatic dispatch conveyors to working zones e.g. chick counting or egg candling/transfer. Resulting in optimized management of storage and utilisation of clean boxes/baskets. Each lane can store 15, 24 or 33 stacks according to the option chosen.

Egg & Chick Weighing

The weighing system enables the automatic grading of hatching eggs into three main categories : Under size grade eggs, Correct weight eggs for incubation, Over size grade eggs, The accuracy of weight data is +/- 0.4 gram.

Egg Laser Candling Machine with removal of unwanted eggs

The detection uses a combination of patented technologies able to identify - clear eggs (100%), early dead eggs (6-7 days). The machine is designed to candle eggs from 10 to 19 days, the detection of clear eggs (non fertiles) takes place automatically. The sensor sends data to the computerized display screen which memorizes it and forwards the information to the egg removal unit.

Egg Transfer

Equipment designed to transfer eggs from setter trays to hatcher trays. The machine can be added to an automatic candling system or used alone as an independent machine.

Inovo Injection and Egg Vaccination Equipment

Provides a clean, efficient inoculation process with easy cleaning and servicing.
Features include dual speed injection combined with a single needle system, 100 % enhanced liveability of the embryo due to dual speed injection system for gentle needle penetration through air chamber and fluids. Needle disinfection between each egg.

Industrial Washers

The machine includes 1 washing module, 1 disinfection module, 1 rinsing module, 1 heating system. Option of adding extra features including - a dripping module, a dryer, a steaming system, flat stacking system, conveyor to receive the clean flats. Electrical control board with all protections and emergency stop. Capacity up to 1500 flats/hour.

Live Detection Egg Laser Candling

E-CAT has the only machine in the industry able to detect true live from dead embryos & therefore the only machine for automatic egg candling & egg removal suitable for use by vaccine laboratory. The machine is designed to candle the eggs automatically from 8 to 15 days

Macerator & Cockerel Killer

The machine includes 1 stainless steel waste reception hopper with stainless steel protective unit, 1 macerator with knife crushing system + motor, 1 protective cover for motor, 1 Electrical control board with all protections and emergency stop. Capacity - 40,000 to 80,000 egg embryos/hour

Paper Laying Machine

The machine is designed to place paper in the bottom of chick boxes automatically. The machine requires a specific paper type which is dispatched from rolls. Includes stainless steel framework, 2 supports for paper, 1 automatic cutting system, security system, alarm and electrical control board.

Sexing Systems

The sexing carousel is built in stainless steel 304, it comes complete with one motorised PVC crown and 2 motorised pallet conveyors from 7 to 22 working stations. Diameter: from 2 200 mm to 5 500mm. Each working station includes 2 chick chutes, 1 for males and 1 for females.

Spray Vaccinators

The IB spray is designed for any type of birds for vaccination by spray: (Infectious Bronchitis) Newcastle disease, etc. It is adapted to all types of boxes. The vaccine is sprayed onto the birds in the form of tiny droplets by the intermediary of a special diffuser.

Stackers & Destackers

Four types available: Full and empty hatcher tray de/restackers for egg trays and chick baskets, full setter tray transfer between farm trolleys and setter trolleys, automatic box de/restackers, automatic setter tray extractor and restacking systems.

Tipper & Chick/Waste

The automatic Chick /Waste Separator is designed for the larger hatcheries. The machine is easy to maintain & clean with a compact robust and simple design guaranteeing an excellent separation of birds/waste. 2 models available 75,000 chicks/hour or 120,000 chicks/hour.

Vaccinating Carousels

The vaccinating carousels allow good access to day old chicks to carry out vaccinations when required.

Waste Management

Three different vertical or horizontal tanks with capacities ranging from 5, 10 or 20m3 are available all with galvanized metal construction and are fully washable.

For more information about our full range of Hatchery Automation please visit our supplier's website - E-CAT.


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