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Chick Master produce regular e-News for hatchery customers around the world.

Please browse through the e-News archives below and check back for updates.

e-News #19 | September 2010

  1. The Trend Towards Investment in Hatchers as a Priority Continues
  2. Hatchery Ventilation - It's More Than Fresh Air


e-News #16 | November 2009


e-News #13:

  1. Deciding the best way to move your inventory
  2. Hatcher management
  3. Controlling energy costs in 2008

e-News #12:

  1. Granny's Hatchery - World leader in energy efficient single-stage hatcheries
  2. Chick Master helps to reduce your carbon footprint
  3. What causes early embryo mortality and what can you do about it?

e-News #11:

  1. Chick Master - Number 1 for single-stage
  2. Living in an energy conscious world
  3. The art of stage programming part VII & VIII - the temperature reduction and cooling phases

e-News #10:

  1. More tales from the ventilation psychiatrist's office
  2. Spiking broiler breeder flocks after 45 weeks of age
  3. Interview with a panel of average Chick Master single-stage customers

e-News #9:

  1. Managing carbon dioxide in the hatching process
  2. Another day at the ventilation psychiatrist's office
  3. The art of stage programming part VI - auto damper low humidity

e-News #8:

  1. What temperature should your cooling water be set at?
  2. The importance of ventilation in modern hatcheries
  3. The art of stage programming part V - auto damper high humidity Download

e-News #7:

  1. Announcing our new online parts shop
  2. Where is the payback? - Hatchability, of course . . . or is it?
  3. The art of stage programming part IV - CO2 concentration phase

e-News #6:

  1. Vintage control Vs New control
  2. The art of stage programming part III - block warming phase

e-News #5:

  1. Principles of hatchery heat recovery and energy management systems - part II
  2. The art of stage programming part II - The delayed start and block pre-warming phases

e-News #4:

  1. The art of stage programming part I - temperature and humidity management
  2. Principles of hatchery heat recovery and energy management systems

e-News #3:

  1. Practical bio-security measures to help ensure aI prevention
  2. The case for single-stage incubation - part II
  3. Routine hatchery bio-security procedures

e-News #2:

  • The case for Single-Stage Incubation - Part I


e-News #1:

  • Operating a Multi-Stage Setter using Humidity Controlled Dampers



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